IdleOn Gem Shop Priority: How to Optimize Your Gem Spending

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If you’ve been playing IdleOn for a while, you know how important gems are. These colorful stones can give your character a significant boost, increasing your damage output, health, and other essential stats. However, gems are also a limited resource, and you need to spend them wisely to get the most out of your gameplay. In this article, we’ll discuss the idleon gem shop priority and provide some tips on how to optimize your gem spending to improve your character’s strength and efficiency.

What are gems in IdleOn?

Before we dive into the Gem Shop Priority, let’s briefly explain what gems are and what they do. Gems are colorful stones that you can socket into your gear to give your character a boost. Each gem has its unique effect, such as increased damage, critical chance, health, or mana. You can acquire gems by completing quests, breaking geodes, or buying them from the Gem Shop.

Understanding the Gem Shop Priority

The Gem Shop is where you can spend your gems to buy new gems, pet eggs, and other useful items. However, not all gems are created equal, and some are more valuable than others. The Gem Shop Priority is a system that ranks gems based on their usefulness and recommends which gems you should buy first. Here’s a breakdown of the Gem Shop Priority:

Tier 1 Gems

Tier 1 Gems are the most valuable and should be your top priority. These gems provide the most significant boost to your character’s stats and are essential for progressing through the game’s content. Here are the Tier 1 Gems and their effects:

  • Power Gem: Increases your character’s attack power.
  • Vitality Gem: Increases your character’s maximum health.
  • Wisdom Gem: Increases your character’s maximum mana.
  • Crit Gem: Increases your character’s critical strike chance.

You should aim to socket these gems into your gear as soon as possible, as they provide a significant boost to your character’s strength and survivability.

Tier 2 Gems

Tier 2 Gems are still valuable but are not as essential as Tier 1 Gems. You can prioritize buying Tier 2 Gems after you have all the Tier 1 Gems you need. Here are the Tier 2 Gems and their effects:

  • Accuracy Gem: Increases your character’s hit chance.
  • Evasion Gem: Increases your character’s chance to dodge attacks.
  • Armor Gem: Increases your character’s armor.
  • Resistance Gem: Increases your character’s resistance to magic damage.

These gems can still be useful, especially if you have spare gems to spend. However, they are not as important as Tier 1 Gems and can be skipped if you need to conserve your gems.

Tier 3 Gems

Tier 3 Gems are the least valuable and should be your lowest priority. These gems provide minor bonuses and can be skipped if you don’t have any spare gems to spend. Here are the Tier 3 Gems and their effects:

  • Life Steal Gem: Heals you for a percentage of damage dealt.
  • Mana Steal Gem: Restores your mana for a percentage of damage dealt.
  • Crit Damage Gem: Increases your character’s critical strike damage.
  • Spell Damage Gem: Increases your character’s spell damage.

While these gems can be useful in certain situations, they are not as essential as Tier 1 Gems and can be skipped if you need to save your gems.

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